The laws of physiology are a set of rules that govern your body.  
You can't break them.  When you align with the laws, your body
functions from a standpoint of health and vitality.  When you go
against the laws, symptoms and conditions result.  It is our
mission to share with you the laws and to help you align with
them to best express your innate ability to be vibrant and healthy.

Health and life are verbs, which means you are always doing, it is
never done. Your health right now is a summation of what you
have and have not done.  If you do not have the results you
want, then you need to change focus and align better with how
the body is designed to run.   

I hope to break myths that are rampant in our society, that go
against the laws of physiology, but yet are thought to be true.  
They are not, and they hold you back.  I want to help you to
empower yourself by simply aligning with things as they are
designed to be, not how we wish they were.

Dr. Michael Jennings DC
Quite simply, we are here to share with you
information about nutrition and health.
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